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The original innovative technological achievement obtained through joint research with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences - enzymatic production of seaweed bio fertilizer technology. Through digital controlled enzymatic hydrolysis technology, the cell wall of fresh kelp is broken down, nutrients and plant factors are dissolved, and macromolecular nutrients are broken down into small molecular living nutrient…


Using fresh kelp as raw material
Ensuring the Quality of Kelp Enzymatic Hydrolysis Liquid Fertil

Kelp is known as the "king of seaweed" and the "Cordyceps sinensis" in the ocean. Its nutritional and active factor content is much higher than other algae, and it has strong affinity with terrestrial plants. The companys 10000 acres of kelp are fully grazed, without the use of any fertilizer during the growth process. In its natural state, it absorbs and concentrates more than 400000 times its natural marine nutrients.

Source Control

The raw material kelp breeding area is located in the southwestern sea area of the Chengshantou Current, known as the "Cape of Good Hope in China". The water flow is large, and the seawater is rich in natural nutrients and marine microorganisms, making it one of the best areas for kelp breeding in China. The growth process of kelp is completely free range without the use of any fertilizer. Ensure world-class quality of kelp enzymatic hydrolysis liquid fertilizer from the source.

Quality Inspection

Establish a quality control mechanism for the entire process from raw material production to product delivery, and establish a resource sharing platform with multiple quality inspection institutes at home and abroad. According to testing by the National Chemical Fertilizer Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, Shandong Provincial Product Quality Inspection and Research Institute, and relevant institutions Eurofins in Washington State, USA, the content of harmful heavy metals in the "Hai…

Technical Patents

The production method of composite organic liquid fertilizer ZL201210218253.9 and other original innovative achievements have formed a complete patent technology system, breaking the key technological bottleneck of efficient biocatalytic conversion of seaweed products, and becoming a leader in seaweed biotechnology and a benchmark enterprise in the production of Chinas original ecological seaweed biological fertilizer.

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Collaborating with universities such as the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Shandong Agricultural University, and the Fertilizer and Balanced Fertilization Research Laboratory of South China University, we have established a green agricultural plant nutrition supply research group, established a professional agrochemical service team, and provided users with professional ecological, high-quality, branded, and distinctive agricultural development solutions.

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